Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: December 2017

For our newsletter consistent readers, we hope the videos and articles keep you motivated to stay healthy. For our new readers, we educate our patients that want to learn why and howto start and keep healthy habits. Here are the articles, testimonials, talks covered in November 2017:Posture ExercisesLow Back Roll Exercise for Pain Relief and Improved Posture
This stretch loosens the lower back as you relax lying down.  Then the muscles relax allowing a deeper ligament stretch of the spine.The Modified Chair Squat Exercise to Build Back Strength
Looking to improve your back strength?  Here is a great exercise to also help your posture.Short HighlightsChild/Teenage Stress: Myth-Medication is the First Option. Short Clip.
Norina Murphy, MSW, LCSW explains the myth that seeing a psychiatrist requires taking medication. Spinal Motion keep You Healthy, Resolves Neuropathy. Clip
This is how chiropractic works.Stress Solutions and Normal Behavior with Norina, LCSW. Clip
Norina explains norma…

Low Back Roll Exercise for Pain Relief and Improved Posture

This should be first stretch when pain has been reduced with chiropractic and/or therapy.  Then follow up the exercise with icing your back, if recommended by your chiropractor. 

With chiropractic, here is your next exercises in your steps to recovery:


Child/Teenage Stress: Myth-Medication is the First Option. Short Clip.

Child stress is common, but treatments are not.  Sometimes seeking advice early helps ease the stress.
Norina is a licensed clinical child therapist.  She explains the myth that seeing a psychiatrist requires taking medication.  And most current therapy, if needed, is complemented with other treatments such as chiropractic.

Listen to this short clip, then go to the full video or listen to the podcast at:

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Jeff, the Referral Basket Winner for October 2017

We take pride in helping our patients.  The greatest compliment is when patients refer their friends and family.

Jeff is not a actor, but enjoys his care.  Thank you for referring your girlfriend.

See our video testimonials too:

"Excuses don't get results."

Getting healthy and staying healthy is not easy.  Having the consistency and routine habits gives you the advantage of experiencing a good quality of health for a long time. 

To understand the simple ways to start and maintain a routine, see you local chiropractor.  They and other non-drug health professionals can guide you in habits to naturally live a longer, healthier life.

Here is a video to help understand the different pillars of health to get and stay well:

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After Emergency Care, Ease the Stress and Costs by planning Home Care. 3 Topics to Know.

After emergency and medical care, do you have a plan where to receive home care?

As a Chiropractor I understand the need for an immediate treatment plan with professional supervision to give the best chance of recovery.  Then after medical care, home care can return and maintain a person's quality of life. 

I interviewed Dan McGuire from Right at Home to help answer this question.  This is short video, Dan explains the 3 most common topics to understand home care: the difference of medical and home care, using home care to return a better quality of life, seeking out licensed home care companies using CNAs, and the benefit of planning now.

Watch the the Full Video here. 

Having a professional supervise a loved one's recovery can ease the stress on the family by knowing their parent, grandparent, etc. is being taken care of.  Sitting down with a home care specialist before an event will give ensure this occurs.

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"Healthy Lifestyle NOW to Live Better Later," The Queen of Cleanse, Alex. A highlight.

The benefits of staying healthy now may not payoff for years to come.  It has been scientifically proven that a health lifestyle lowers your risk for diabetes, cancers and heart attacks.  So why wait? 

Alex tells of the long-term health issues that prolonged her mom's recovery. 

Full video:

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