Alex's Personal Story of Arthritis Recovery Through Detoxing

Our human bodies have filters that remove toxins that we digest.  These toxins can be foods, liquids or medications; also, lotions are included.

By natural detoxification services (foot baths, colonics, etc.) we can remove deep toxins that may have been settled in for years.  Alex tells her story how she recovered from arthritis. 

Full video, highlights and podcast here:

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Start your Back Pain Recovery with this Stretch

Chronic back pain and poor posture can lead to a tight and a weak low back. After getting clearance from your chiropractor to begin exercises, start with this stretch.

Note: any stretch or strength exercise should not be performed if it causes pain.  

Lying on your stomach and putting your arms in a this position, naturally puts your back beyond its normal motion. When you bring your legs up only where you feel pressure, not pain.  Similar feeling when you go side to side.

Start this stretch in each position for 30 seconds.  To your tolerance increase your stretch by 30 seconds for each position up to two minute.

Then add this exercise to strengthen your back:
Your First Strength Exercise

Helping change your health from the inside out.

"Because of them I developed daily routines..." -John

"Euclid Chiropractic was professional in every way helping me with my lower back issues.  Because of them I developed daily routines (long walks, ice treatments, etc.).  They were easy to stay with and helped me immensely.

Wait times are practically zero each visit.  Dr. Ratkovic and Dr. Weaver explain things in ways making them easy to understand and apply towards treatment.

I highly recommend Euclid Chiropractic."
-John B.

Here is one of John's exercises:
Back Extension Stretch

Upper Back Recovery: Your First Stretch

Upper back pain relief starts with this stretch.  Then increase time during the stretch to help improve your flexibility. 

Remember to ice after. 
Clip from the workshop at The Gibson Center Upland, CA Sept. '17

Here is your next low back stretch (1:41):

Changing Your Health from the Inside Out.

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How Chiropractic Helps you Relax and Reduce Stress

Recovery of a healthy spine and nervous system, gives us the best ability to tolerate the stress in our daily lives.

Then feeling and looking great is easy to maintain.  

Here is how to find the right chiropractic treatment:

@ the Upland Chamber Breakfast 2017

Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: October 2017


Science has proven: Moving well = Getting and Staying Well.

Science has proven: Moving well = Getting and Staying Well.

These specific Posture Exercises​ can help you get started.