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Fighting off Stress

Look well to the spine for the cause of disease.
Now that the obvious stress of the holidays are over, our daily lives will go back to being nice and rosy, right?  WRONG!

Your worries of job security, traffic congestion, and the on-going difficulties of having a household all create Stress.

According to a recent survey by the American Psychology Association, 44% of Americans are concerned about their daily stress levels.   Here are some Q & A about stress:

Are There Different Kinds of Stress?

Physical stress for example is trauma from a car accident or sports injury.

Emotional stress is our reaction to a physical stress.  One person’s response to criticism (a physical stress) may be defensive, while another might be unresponsive. 

Effects of Emotional Stress?

In response to these daily strains, your body automatically increases blood pressure to your muscles at low amounts that seem “normal".  But when these e…