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Women's Health: The Right Fitness Club for You

Here is the link to the first of several videos regarding womens' health and fitness:

Choosing the Right Fitness Club for You

Gina Shackelford is the owner of Womens Fitness Club in Rancho Cucamonga and a leading health advocate for womens' health.  She will be interviewed monthly to share information in guiding women in choosing a healthier lifestyle.

For more information regarding Gina andWomens Fitness Club, she can be reached at:


Childrens' Health: Forcast by Federal Concensus

Taking care of a child’s well-being is at the heart of every parent, guardian, relative or friend. In the midst of a national recession with no end in sight, people are more conscious where they spend their dollars.

And as unemployment continues to hit historic highs, parents, out of work and no health insurance benefits, are desperate and forced to cut back keeping their children healthy. University of Miami pediatric and psychology professor Daniel Armstrong thinks children's overall health will deteriorate in this economy.
Here are a few predictions for leading forecasts: Less prenatal checkups leading to complicationsIncrease in pre-term births and low weight infants A rise in SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)Infant and child hospital stays lengthened due to less pediatric checkups Increase in dental decay with parents unable to pay for dental careChildren development failing because they are unable to attend special therapies or attain medication…

Chiropractic Attitude: Chiropractors as Healers

Part One: The Surface Chiropractors, as a profession, are viewed by the general public as healers of back and neck pain.  To attain your license, you must pass exams which show your competency in the medical sciences and patient exams.  But is that IT?  NO WAY!  The start of bone doctors in America, Chiropractors, is over 100 years old.  It has survived persecution and jail time to keep our profession alive, before becoming licensed.   

It is through the PHILOSOPHY OF CHIROPRACTIC these doctors (B.J. Palmer being the founder) have worked passionately to affect the human body to work at its peak level.  One Quote that describes Chiropractic Philosophy states,

“The Power that Made the Body, Heals the Body.” What does that mean?  Let’s break it down: “The Power that Made the Body”: our body has innate intelligence, spirit, being, etc. (not our brain) which controls our physical development from conception until when we die.  This intelligence performs this by using the NERVOUS SYSTEM (brain …