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Women's Health: New Member Orientation and Assessment

Women's Health Part 2: Dr. Anthony Ratkovic interviews Gina Shackelford again and discusses:
Orientation and Assessment as a New Member of a Fitness Center

Gina Shackelford is the owner of Womens Fitness Club in Rancho Cucamonga and a leading health advocate for womens' health.  She will be interviewed monthly to share information in guiding women in choosing a healthier lifestyle.

For more information regarding Gina andWomens Fitness Club, she can be reached at:


Children's Health: Nutrition Education and Parental Modeling

Children's Health Part 2: Dr. Anthony Ratkovic interviews J.J. Adams discussing:

Educating Children about Nutrition with Parental Modeling

J.J. Adams is a advocate for children's health and a representative of Juice Plus+.  This company provides supplements that bridge the gap between the fruits and vegetables we eat the and nutrients our body requires daily to stay healthy.
To receive a FREE  copy of ARE YOU DIGGING YOUR GRAVE WITH YOUR FORK or other information, please contact J.J at:
909-957-1110 cl 909-579-1616 message Juice Plus+

Chiropractic Attitude: Breaking Down "Nerve Flow"

In part 1 of Chiropractic Attitude (see March edition) we stated Innate Intelligence travels through nerves to allow the whole body to function.  Now we will discuss in detail the subsections of the nerves and their functions.

The main or CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM is responsible for the control and coordination of entire body function, include the body's adaptation to its environment.  It can be broken into three parts:

This part of the central nervous system controls the muscle function through controlled or reactionary movement.  Normally the muscle is relaxed in its resting state.  Abnormalities such as spasm, weakness or tightness can occur when there is improper nerve flow. 

Their function is controlling the body systems such as the organs, veins, arteries.  This happens automatically when this part of the central nervous functions normally.  In abnormal circumstances, a person can experience stomach problems, urinary issues, brea…