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Upland School District "Health and Lifestyle Event"

Left to Right:  Dr. Anthony Ratkovic, Lisa C., London P.

Great event to promote Chiropractic Wellness.  I was impressed how many people, know and see a Chiropractor!

The staff, London and Lisa, did a great job answering questions about Chiropractic and Spreading the Word.

Also, Reverend Herman for his technical skills putting together and intro video for the office.  It will be on the web soon!

It makes no business sense to do these events, but getting the Chiropractic "love" to the community is worth
more than Gold.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Anthony Ratkovic, D.C.
Euclid Chiropractic Clinic
60 E. Foothill Blvd
Upland, CA 91784


Chiropractic Care versus Pain Medication

This article was written by Herman Dunn, on our behalf to avoid bias.

You toss and turn all night, your back aches and your neck is in a knot.  Snap, crackle and pop a pill.
Regardless of the cause of the pain our first inclination is to take a pain reliever, either over-the-counter or by prescription.  Most of us probably never read the directions and don’t know when to take the pain pill i.e. before a meal, with a meal or after a meal.  The most frightening part is we probably also don’t know the side effects.

OK, you have taken this pain reliever before with no ill side effects but, that may have been before we started taking blood pressure meds or a multitude of other prescribed and non prescribed medication.
Do you know that pain medications are not your only choices?  A better alternative might be to consult a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Pain medications do not fix problems, it masks the pain and the pain is still there when the medications wear off.  Whatever is causing the…