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"My Headaches Gone," Mike Euclid Chiropractic Upland Cucamonga Claremont...

Mike was having headaches and the medications were not helping. After a few visits the headaches vanished. While continuing to work on correcting Mike's x-rays,rehab exercises continue to improve his overall posture and health. Watch Video 

4/27: Euclid Chiropractic attends Upland High School Career Day

Euclid Chiropractic enjoys being active in the community.  We enjoy helping students understand how to serve the community in healthcare.  This annual career day allow our office to spread the word about Chiropractic.

Best Low Back Exercise-Modified Squat Euclid

Using this squat exercise technique allows you to strengthen your lower back.

Any discomfort with this exercise may be an early sign of a spinal condition. 

Call/book a free 20 minute consultation with either of the doctors, and see how to we can help you live a healthier life.
Watch Now

4/26: In-office Workshop: How Chiropractic Improves Posture

Understanding  the nerve-muscle connection for balance, and specific exercises to improve balance and posture. No cost to attend.
Approximately 20 minutes plus Q&A.
All materials supplied by the office.
RSVP recommended due to limited seating.

Patricia's Back Feel Better

Patricia's quality of life was going down hill. 
Because of her back pain, she stop doing activities which made her back even weaker. 
With Chiropractic adjustments Patricia's x-rays have improved and with the exercises she is feeling better. 
Call/book a free 20 minute consultation and see if Chiropractic with exercise can help you get the health you want. 

Watch the video here

How to Find a Chiropractor by Their X Ray Analysis Euclid Chiropractic U...

Chiropractors whom analyze x-rays before treatment have safe and effective care by looking at the spine where the adjustment will take place. 

Here is the video

4/19: Gibson Center Talk: Beginning Low Back Exercises

Learn the basics and the benefitsin building a low back exercise routine. At the Gibson CenterAddress: 250 N 3rd Ave, Upland, CA 91786 Phone:(909) 981-4501 All ages welcome. No cost to attend. Approximately 30 minutes plus Q&A. Please bring note taking materials. RSVP recommended due to limited seating. 909-981-4501

Nancy is "Not Getting Old" Upland Euclid Chiropractic Cucamonga Claremon...

She hired a personal trainer that pushed her like a 20 year, and a  Chiropractic to keep up her spinal curve and motion.

Nancy's Video

And the Febuary Referral Basket Winner is...

The highest compliment you can give us referring your friends and family.

How to Do Back Extension Exercises

A good exercise to check your back...
Learn how to do back extension exercises in this stretching and flexibility video.

Here is the video...

Professional Video Shoot today at Euclid Chiropractic

Thank you Randy, owner of Bella Vita Productions, for your professional shoot at Euclid Chiropractic today. We appreciate your patience with us, and know you will create a masterpiece video in the near future.
If you need a videographer/editor to make a short movie, commercial, etc. use Randy
Here are some shot from today...

Union Iron Worker on the Edge...

We see a lot of union iron workers and linemen for this reason...
 This is the 73-story new Wilshire building in downtown Los Angeles.
Thanks Paul H. for the picture.

How to Get the Right Chiropractic Treatment Plan for You Euclid Chiropra...

Since every Chiropractor is different, how do we know what treatment plan is going to work for us?
This video helps you understand how to get the most effective results from seeing a Chiropractor.

 Call/book a free 20 minute consultation with either of the doctors, and see how to we can help you live a healthier life.

Scoliosis Talk with Kelly, a Pilates and Dance Instructor

Her perspective as a Pilates instructor how to minimize scoliosis for the Inland Pacific Ballet dancers is phenomenal.
I observed her work with a dancer with scoliosis, and was impressed with Kelly's ability to specifically train each body part to correct the scoliosis.

I would highly recommend my patients to Kelly or any other instructors at the Inland Pacific Ballet. 
The contact info. is located at the end of the video.

Chiropractic patient gets adjusted and goes unconscious

Chiropractic Patient gets Adjusted and Goes Unconscious

After a long day, come here to relax.  Maybe take a nap?

Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: March 2016

The Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter gives patients an objective understanding of health concerns through current researched literature. We hope these videos and articles motivate you to a healthier, balanced life.Here are the Health Videos and Testimonials from March 2016:Your Guide to Shoulder Pain RecoveryScoliosis Recovery. Riley's StorySport & Exercise Injury-Recovery & Prevention Chiropractic helps Pregnant Moms-KarlaBack Extension Stretch with Pillow"It's given me 30+ good years."-TomHow to Stop Spinal Disc SurgeryThe Referral Basket Winner is...Caroline F."My shoulder pain is gone.  This is the best I have felt in 20 years." 
See how drug-free Chiropractic care can help you.

 We appreciate and are grateful for these referrers too...

Nancy H., Danny M., Louie T., Anthony A., William T., Amanda B., Guy M., Herman D., Alex O., Joey F., Tobias R., Jess P., Michael C., Maria P., Harrison H., Leighann S., Gary V., Corey G., May U., Tammy P., Octavio…

SCOLIOSIS TALK with Kelly Lamoureux (Trailer) Inland Pacific Ballet Eucl...

SCOLIOSIS TALK with Kelly Lamoureux (Trailer) Inland Pacific Ballet

Kelly Lamoureux started her professional career as a ballet dancer at twelves years old, and now and is a ballet and Pilates instructor at the Inland Pacific Ballet. 
She has observed dancers experiencing signs of scoliosis at an accelerated rate.
In this preview, Kelly explains integrating x-rays, a thorough exam, Pilates, chiropractic, home exercises and routine checkups as an effective treatment for scoliosis.
In the full video (coming soon), Kelly explains her scoliosis exam and she uses it to help treat through Pilates, along with other information for parents. 
I was able to observe her, and was very impressed how she visualizes the dancers scoliosis throughout the Pilates training.