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Euclid Chiropractic Clinic: May 2011 Edition

Euclid Chiropractic Clinic newsletter will give patients an objective understanding of health concerns that were covered in the month of March 2011.
Our mission is allowing patients to make a personal, individual decision about their health. Through mainstream media and medicine, Chiropractors have been boxed in as providers of neck and back pain treatment.
Euclid Chiropractic Clinic has chosen a higher path to treat the body’s nervous system allowing full expression of Health.
Here are the topics (and hyperlinks) covered in April 2011Chiropractic Philosophy1. The Chiropractic Philosophy 2. Chiropractic Care – No Matter What Your Reasoning (Video)3. Understand Chiropractic Philosophy and Wellness (Video)Chiropractic Technique1. What is the Popping/Cracking Sound with an Adjustment (Video)2. The Chiropractic Adjustment Demonstrated and Explained (Video)3. The Chiropractic Adjustment Removes Subluxations (Video)Nutrition Awareness1. Start Eating Healthy 2. Gluten-Free Foods that Benefit …

Euclid Chiropractic Weekly (4/30)

This week's theme:The Chiropractic AdjustmentThe "How" of Chiropractic“Reposition the vertebra to take pressure off of the nerve and you will get sick people well.”-C.S. Gonstead“Chiropractic without specificity is nothing.” – B.J. PalmerA specific, Chiropractic adjustment removes Subluxations returning the body to optimal health.Read on to understand the "How" of Chiropractic.What is the Popping/Cracking Sound with an Adjustment? (Video) (4/25)THE ADJUSTMENT of the neck and back, when appropriate, moves the space between the bones of the spine.  This releases gaseous pressure in the joint space causing the popping sound.  Similar to when someone pops their knuckles.The Chiropractic Adjustment Demonstrated and Explained by Dr. Conrad (Video) (2/27)The benefits mentioned are increased back and neck extension, better balance and symmetry of the throughout the spine and reducing the symptoms such as pain associated with subluxations.Chiropractic Adjustme…