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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: December 2015

The Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter gives patients an objective understanding of health concerns through current researched literature. We hope these videos and articles motivate you to a healthier, balanced life.Here are the Health Videos from December 2015:Four Factors You Need to Know Before Seeing a Chiropractor explains the adjustment: how it heals the body, what is the pop/crack during the adjustment, an adjustment demonstrated, and chiropractor's approach to health compared to medicine's approach.How to Get Off the Floor by Yourself demonstrates how to raise from the ground, while Dr. Ratkovic narrates which muscles are being used.Brave Patient Testimonials-Thank you!Chris: Amazing, Drug-Free Low Back Pain Treatment. After several weeks, he is able to go back to work 100% with no back pain through Chiropractic.A Short Testimonial by a Sweet Lady. "If there is something unusual that I complain about, the doctors are quick to eliminate the problem."Go to E…