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Children's Health part 3: Interview with JJ and Dylan Understanding Nutrition

Euclid Chiropractic interviews JJ and Dylan about healthy and unhealthy foods found in your local grocery stores. Dylan, at seven years old, has learned to understand what foods are good for his body through is mom, JJ, giving him choices.

JJ and Dylan discuss tear down and build up food.

J.J. Adams is a advocate for children's health and a representative of Juice Plus+.  This company provides supplements that bridge the gap between the fruits and vegetables we eat the and nutrients our body requires daily to stay healthy.

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Chiropractic Attitude (part 3): 5 Factors of Everyday Health

In the first article, we wrote about how the body uses innate intelligence or spirit to heal itself.  In article two, we subdivided NERVES to show how pain is associated when a nerve becomes pinched.  Part 3 will bring the theory of parts 1 and 2 to PRACTICE: 5 factors of everyday health.

1. Diet
What we put in our body is a direct correlation to body's ability to function normally.  As an infant through adolescence, nutrition is vital to human development and growth.  For example, in Type 2 Diabetes a child's body mutates to leave abnormal levels of sugar in the bloodstream through an unhealthy diet.  The proper foods in our diet keep our energy levels optimum throughout the day and fight off environmental factors that degrade our body. 

2. Exercise
Lack of muscle strength makes our posture compensate to maintain balance.  If left untreated, this usually progresses to pain and arthritis long-term.  When we exercise, muscles grow.  Our body works efficiently when there is mu…

Child's Benefit from Chiropractic

Christina S. has suffered from constant migraines for 2 years before treatment at Euclid Chiropractic. Now, symptoms are rare, mild headaches.

Christina S. 

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