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Dr. Tony's Monthly Newsletter from Euclid Chiropractic: December '18

The Full Newsletter in Video How did your body hold up with your Black Friday shopping marathon? Or your hours of sitting, lying down for Cyber Monday? Let's stay strong and healthy for the rest of the holidays by applying these health tips from November's exercise, talks, patient review videos and more. (Click the image for the full video)Short Clips playlist How to start shoulder pain recovery  Office wait times explained  Sound Healing. Crystal Singing Bowl  Retrain Proper Walking. Help your Back  How to get from stressed to relaxed, strong  Posture: setup and checklist  Breathing-better meditation, exercise Posture Exercises playlist Back pain relief exercise Adjustment demonstrated Sam's surprised first adjustment Testimonials/Reviews playlist Back pain relief. Paul & Jessica  Neck Pain, Headache help. Mark's st0ry Scared then Relief & More Energy. Angelica Neck Pain Relief, Happier.  Helping MelissaInterview playlist Crystal therapy, Chakra balance and mo…

Dr. Tony's Monthly Newsletter from Euclid Chiropractic: November '18

With Halloween behind us, can we stay healthy for Thanksgiving? Watch the videos and/or read the posts to understand what you need to start or continue doing to feel and look good. Here are the Playlist of videos, testimonials, talks from October '18 : (Click the image for the full video)Short Clips playlist Why members help members at Cable Crossfit  How to rise from a chair properly  Finding your passion through sports, etc.  How to warm up when we wake up, and why  Sitting and still strong and relaxed Posture Exercises playlist Low back pain relief with modified cobra exercise  Shoulder strength by modified wall push up Adjustment demonstrated Mars' screaming 1st adjustment Testimonials/Reviews playlistNoel's YELP Review Kip's YELP ReviewRudy's YELP ReviewInterview playlistHelping Foster Kids. CASA w/ Caesar and MaggieHow CASA helped DianeEssentials Oils for winter health w/ Vanessa LuuHow to Stop Bullying with Jeremy & Jessica CastilloDr. Tony on F.Y.I. LI…

Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: May '18 by Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

In March, we are still getting the 90s and 50s degrees weather.  Enjoy Both! Thank you for sharing these newsletter with friends & family, so they know their local chiropractor. I. Here are the articles, testimonials, talks from March '17 : 🔥Go to original post on our website to play videos of the images⤵️
(Click image to play video, or the playlist to see specific YouTube category). The Clips & YT Playlist Your Habits Help or Hurt You Your Body Stressed by your Foods Hair Reflects your Health with Lisa Women's Self Defense. Jessica's Best AdviceChiropractic Education & YT Playlist First Adjustment Reaction. Stephen  Does Improved Posture Make you Happier -by Frey Guerra X-ray Analysis Before Low Back Treatment April '18 New Patient Workshop: How your Nerves Control Health Health & Wellness Talk on the Celina Celeste Show My Bloopers, Outtakes at Baldy View ROP -Being Genuine Vertigo & Dizziness ReliefCrooke…