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Euclid Chiropractic Clinic Monthly Newletter: December 2011 Edition

Our Euclid Chiropractic Clinic newsletter gives patients an objective understanding of health concerns through current researched literature.Our mission is to allow patients to make a personal, individual decision about their health.Through mainstream media and medicine, Chiropractors have been boxed in as providers of neck and back pain treatment.Dr. Weaver and Dr. Ratkovic believe Chiropractic promotes the full expression of health through proper nutrition, routine exercise, and maintaining an optimal nervous system.Here are the topics (and hyperlinks) covered in December 2011:Health Comes from Lifestyle, Not Genetics Dr. Ratkovic's Intro Video1. Human and Animals are VERY Similar2. Research Validating Lifestyle as the Primary Factor Contributing to Health 3. In his Video, Dr. James Chestnut Explains "Why We Are So Sick!" (Video)4. Accurately Defining Health and Sickness in the Wellness & Prevention ParadigmDIABETES: What Most Medical Doctors Won't Tell Y…